Alyssa Baker

The Biltmore Cabaret , 2755 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver, B.C.

MRG Concerts West & Fource Canada present

The Katherines with Tonye Aganaba and Alyssa Baker Friday, June 17th, 2016 The Biltmore Cabaret Doors 7PM, Curfew 10:30PM

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While rising Vancouver trio The Katherines' journey has really just begun, they're already taking scope of years of impactful interactions and personal growth as they filter it all through the prism of modern pop. Together, they're refracting elements of R&B, pop-rock, dance music and more into their exquisitely expansive debut LP, To Bring You My Heart.

Bringing the talents of songwriter Kate Kurdyak together with sister Lauren Kurdyak and life-long friend Kaitlyn Hansen-Boucher, the Katherines showcase the shadowy sounds of noir-N-b on lead single "Cherry Lips," but can likewise put a signature twist on '60s girl group sounds ("You") or diamond sharp synth-pop balladry ("Better Off"). They're also not afraid to string together elegant symphony strings with hard-squelching EDM drops, as on "Heart on the Table."

The deft and diverse full-length was likewise assisted by an impressively diverse roster of studio collaborators including Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat/Mounties), Colin Janz, Tino Zolfo, Hawksley Workman, Charlie Kerr (JPNSGRLS) and Kevvy Mental (Fake Shark Real Zombie).

To Bring You My Heart casts its net wide, but at the core of the sonically ambitious LP are a series of intimate, relatable portraits. Whether they weigh in on the tingling anticipation of new love, or take a wistful look back at what once was, these are songs that tap into the essence of our human condition.

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